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Why hire us



Design, manufacture, sell or rent inflatable roofs, mobile or fixed structures, and general applications in PVC fabric, seeking to meet the expectations of our clients, partnership with our suppliers, training and development of our employees. For this we are committed to continuous improvement of quality management.


Base Coberturas offers 3,000 square meters of covered área in 03 days, with the same área demobilized up to 01 days of work.


In case of physical or mechanical failures we have 24H immediate trigger our teams to shift service, either by air or land , providing comfort and safety to our customers.

Who we are


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The Base Soluções em Coberturas is a company dedicated to rental and sale of Air Supported Structure, temporary coverings and structures in canvas assisting in grain storage , fertilizer , sugar, raw materials, industrial products and is active in the supply of temporary roofing for residential construction, water storage , gas and fuel.

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